Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up?

- You could be up and running, getting results and planning within days.

What data do we need?

-The ideal level is Named Account Syndicated EPOS (Sales Out) Data. Weekly all SKU data for up to 2 years. Measures are : Volume, Value and (Weighted) Distribution.  Predictive plans can work on Direct from Retailer data (without full category or competitor data). 

What does this cost?

- Depending upon the level of access and use, it can be as low as c.£100 pm / user (billed annually). If analysing all customers, our guarantee of finding profit opportunities ensures clients cannot lose. 

We have a TPM (Trade Promotion Management) and RGM (Revenue Growth Management)system, why do we need TPO (trade Promotion Optimisation)?

- These existing systems help you manage your plans through your business, TPO (or Commercial Planning Optimisation) adds value by helping you decide 'What To Do' to hit your KPIs.

This page is continually being revised. Please contact us with any questions