Planning Tools & Processes

Area and Data Source

AiM's Data Engine does all the crunching so you don't have to. Using this planning process helps you get the most insight and value out of your existing data. 

1) Use Shopper data to understand how shoppers are reacting to your product, and importantly, how you want to change that reaction.

2) Use AiM's predictive analytics planning tools to decide the best way to achieve these changes. Try different scenarios to save budget, increase revenue, minimise portfolio impact etc. 

3) If further questions remain, AiM can interrogate the models to 'Find the Answers'.

Then sell=in the plan knowing what will happen.

Shopper Drivers

  • Value Tree – Identify driver
  • Return to Last Year – Inc Value
  • Opportunities – Selling story



  • Current trends
    - Drivers:  Distribution, Volume, Value, Price
  • Price / Volume Relationship
  • Competition – Who/How affecting
  • Seasonality, Mechanic, Feature & Display, POS.
  • Predictive Model Planning (Price)
    - Elasticity & Relativity



  • Equity Strength
  • Category Growth / Steal


Ad-hock analysis